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The technology 3T Ionix offers an effective solution to the problem of hair loss. Learn how it works:


termoregolazione The perspiration is a natural temperature control system of our body: the sweat evaporating herself removes the excess of heat that dissipates into the air. The sweat glands are distributed over the entire surface of our skin and it has one of the largest concentrations at the top of the head where they are at almost double of the amount compared to the rest of the body.

The Problem

3t-Ionix The hair wig sticks to the skin on the head causing a wet sensation principally due to the effect "plastic bag" typical products without perspiration. Until today almost all the hair wig were without valid system of transpiration. The sweat glands located on the head produce almost 100 liters of sweat by year and their number on the skin arrive to be more than 250 on cm2. The mechanically perforated wig, can have almost 50/100 holes over the entire surface, have to be considered totally inadequate for the elimination of sweat. It must to point out when on the skin is applied a traditional liquid adhesive, it creates an impermeable barrier to everything, including sweat. The sweat can’t be expelled by the pores, tends to remain trapped between the skin and the adhesive film and the stagnation allows the sweat, that has a stronger acid pH, to attack the adhesive causing the progressively dissolution, collapse and loss of adhesion. The missing perspiration gets another problem: a bigger part of the sweat and sebum remain trapped under the wig, producing a drastic bacterial proliferation causing also itching, irritation, skin lesions and smell.

The Solution

3t-Ionix-soluzione The membrane 3T, covered by two international patents, is clear like the water and thin like a veil from 21μ to 80μ (micron, thousands of a millimeter). This membrane sticks to the skin as thousands of microsuctions would done on a cm2 of skin and breaths because of its particular micropores structure. The membrane is composed by 3T Ionix molecules that allow it to absorb up, drain, expell the sweat and stop the entry of the water. The micropores of the membrane 3T are smaller than the water molecule that can’t get through, but larger than the vapor molecule; the sweat is then partially absorbed by the 3T Ionix molecules and partially by the natural difference of the pressure that occurs on the skin during perspiration, opens the pores and sticks out maintaining a correct natural perspiration on the head.

Function Photocatalytic

sole One of the revolutionary propertys of 3T hair is their capacity to clean itself using UV rays. This function will be at maximum level in the days of intense light and in the summertime, while in the winter it will be reduced but always present. This function is higher as the capacity used is higher (the photocatalytic function is activating about 15/20 minutes of sun exposure).

Function Hydrophilic

pioggia 3T hair and 3T membrane regenerate continually with the water. Proper washing on weekdays and using a normal spray with water every day garantees that the hydrophilic ionix function makes soft the hair and cleans the breathable pores 3T, ensuring a right functionality of 3T process.

Function Hydrophobic

goccia Hydrophobic function of the 3t hair allows them to doesn't get wet and dry quic- kly; if it rains the 3T combed hair are always in place and fold.

Function Gecko

geco 3t membrane has the adhesive function like the Gecko: pressing with your fingers the interessed part for few minutes 3T membrane attachs to the epidermis like it always done.


3t-ionix-laboratorio The test made using the Kissinger analysis shows a significant increase of the energy necessary to absorb water; that means a slower release of the vapor which is strongly related to the 3T-hair. The 3T Technology changes the interaction mechanism with the water increasing the energy for the polymer bound keratin-water.